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Our Commitment to Quality at The Dog Shop

Owned and operated by Oxford Pet Whisperers, The Dog Shop began as a modest venture within our centre, conceived from a desire to extend our ethos of 'Thoughtful Quality for Your Dog's Well-being' into a comprehensive retail experience. As a new and growing enterprise, we're steadily expanding our offerings with careful consideration to maintain our standard of excellence.
Our team's expertise as certified trainers, behaviourists, groomers, and puppy specialists has informed our curated selection, ensuring that every product aligns with our high standards of care. We're progressing deliberately, choosing to focus on sustainable growth that allows us to continue providing top-tier products and services.

Catering to a diverse clientele of discerning dogs, we've deliberately chosen to eschew items like rawhide and flimsy toys. Instead, our focus is on providing robust, nutritious options — from durable chews to wholesome foods — designed with your dog's health and enjoyment in mind. As we evolve, we look forward to enhancing our selection and are always eager to receive input from our customers to help guide our growth


Our Aim: Thoughtful Quality for Your Dog's Well-being

At The Dog Shop, our commitment transcends beyond mere products; it's about enriching the lives of your canine companions. Every item we meticulously select serves a definitive purpose in fostering your dog's training, development, and confidence. We understand that a well-rounded upbringing for your dog involves not only discipline and growth but also the joy of play. That's why, alongside our specialized range, we also offer a curated collection of items designed just for fun. Because at the heart of our ethos is the belief that every product should contribute to a happy, healthy, and spirited canine life

Expanding Our Vegan & Vegetarian Range for Dogs

At The Dog Shop, we're dedicated to catering to the evolving needs of all our customers and their dogs. We understand the importance of providing a variety of dietary options, and it's with great enthusiasm that we're broadening our range to include more vegan and vegetarian products for dogs.
While we're in the early stages of this expansion, we invite our customers to be a part of the journey. Your suggestions and requests are invaluable to us. Please reach out with your thoughts or specific product recommendations — your input will help shape our growing selection to better suit your preferences

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